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Pearlthane® ECO TPU

Lubrizol Advanced Materials (FKA Merquinsa)

Description :
Pearlthane® ECO is the flagship product under the Bio-TPU™ by Lubrizol product offering. Originally developed by Merquinsa, Pearlthane ECO is the first bio-based* TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to not compromise on high-performance when compared to traditional petroleum-based TPUs. Its outstanding mechanical, physical and chemical properties offer significant flexibility in a wide-range of applications including:
• Highly flexible films
• Abrasion resistant hoses
• Soft touch injection molded parts
• Special compounds.

Pearlthane® ECO is made up of block copolymers consisting of a sequence of polyol soft segments and hard polyurethane segments. Pearlthane® ECO bridges the gap between thermoplastics and rubbers and can be used pure, as an additive or in blends with other polymers or rubbers.

The Merquinsa product line, including Pearlthane, Pearlcoat, Pearlstick and Pearlbond, are now integrated into Lubrizol’s Engineered Polymers business.
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Product family :
Intermediate products > Resins, Polymers

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Castor oil, Corn
30-80%, Calculated according to ASTM D6866 (learn more)

Environmental gain
Pearlthane ECO is the first Engineering Thermoplastic Polyurethane product range from renewable sources. Pearlthane ECO has more carbon atoms in its chain coming from renewable sources (ASTM D6866).
Pearlthane ECO also offers great resistance to moisture leading to aesthetic preservation and a longer product life time.

Geographical target markets, Manufacturing place, Place of supply in plant biomass
Last update 11/02/2016
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