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  • ecovio® M 2351


    Compound ready to be converted into biodegradable mulch films for agricultural and horticultural applications
    Last update 02/07/2014
  • Edulis Exudactive®

    Plant Advanced Technologies, SA

    Edulis Exudactive® root extract is a concentrated active ingredient for dermo-cosmetic application. It offers an unmet yield of dermo-active 3,5DCQA content thanks to the Plant Milking® technology (patent WO 01/33942 A1).
    Last update 16/03/2015
  • Natural Hexanoic Acid


    AFYREN produce a 100% biobased Natural Valeric Acid with a respectful process for environment and non GMO natural microorganisms. The raw materials used are also non GMO.
    Last update 03/05/2017
  • Altuglas® Rnew


    Altuglas® Rnew biopolymer resins, a biosourced PMMA with a lower carbon footprint.
    A new high performance alloys incorporating ≥ 25% biopolymers, polymers 100% produced from plant sugar. They offer performance advantages: excellent optical properties without the need for coating, high melt flow.
    Last update 08/01/2014
  • REFINE® PF3434A

    APM (Automotive Performance Materials)

    Compound PP-hemp for automotive parts
    Last update 14/02/2014