Hygiene / Health / Beauty

Chemical intermediates for the production of perfumes, ingredients, actives
Ingredients and actives (dye, humectant, solvent, thickener ; brightener, surfactant, tanner, etc.)
Plastics for cosmetic packaging

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  • Disinfecting Hand Foam 50 mL Effibioz


    The hand disinfectant foam cleans and disinfects without alcohol. It eliminates 99.9% of germs and leaves your hands soft and moisturised!
    Last update 05/01/2023
  • Cetiol® Ultimate (Undecane (and) Tridecane)

    BASF Beauty Care Solutions France S.A.S

    Innovative, ultra-light, non-polar and volatile emollient
    100% renewable-based, Ecocert & Cosmos & Natrue approved. Readily biodegradable.
    Ultra-fast spreading: > 2,500 mm2/10 min
    Last update 09/05/2019
  • Neodermyl™

    Givaudan Active Beauty

    This new source of bio-energy revitalizes aged fibroblasts and reactivates collagen I, III and elastin
    synthesis. Visible results after two weeks: deep wrinkles disappear.
    Last update 06/03/2017
  • ARBOCEL UFC - Ultra Fine Cellulose


    ARBOCEL UFC is today the finest grade of cellulose available in industrial scale worldwide: particles size centered on 8 µm.
    Last update 23/03/2016
  • Dimethyl sebacate


    Dimethyl sebacate is a product of vegetal origin, processed from castor oil. It can be used an intermediate to produce light stabilizers, a plasticizer, softening agent and solvent for cellulosic resins, synthetic resins and rubbers.
    Last update 15/05/2014