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Le Bourg
15400 Saint-Étienne-de-Chomeil

Description :
BIOVITIS is dedicated to the production of pure bacterial and fungal biomass and to the production of natural active ingredients. For this, BIOVITIS relies upon its highly specific industrial fermentation tool (solid and liquid fermentation), its R&D laboratory and its technical sales team. Our company provides specific biological solutions to the agronomy, environment, agri-food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. We offer both a range of finished products and tailored services integrating all steps in the industrial process.

Business sector
Microbial biotechnologies

Last update 02/03/2017
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1 product proposed by this supplier
  • Cérès®

    Cérès® is an approved fertilizing material (AMM No. 1150002) based on a bacterium (Pseudomonas fluorescens) and a fungus (Trichoderma harzianum), which is applied to field crops by spreading or by spraying. Cérès® enriches soil life and helps to solubilize nutrients and strengthen the root system.

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