Issue n°10 - January 2013

Please receive our best wishes for 2013.

For this new year, Agrobiobase features new functionalities by optimizing its ergonomics and providing the opportunity to contact directly suppliers.

Recent months have also seen the entry into force of the French label "Biobased building" to promote the use of biobased products in new construction in France.

In this newsletter, you will find an article on eco-design, written by the magazine Formule Verte.

New year, new functionalities !
Optimized search
Facilitated contact with suppliers

The products were combined on a single database.The search criteria have been updated to optimize ergonomics (revised lists for sectors/markets and product families, request with keywords available).

By accessing the details of a provider, the visitor can now interact and send any questions and / or comments.

News - Products
Application products > Lubricants

SOLESTER 77 is a 100% plant-based blend of esterified oils for metal working and more specifically for the profiling of steel, stainless steel, heat exchanger, siding ...
Learn more about Solester 77
Application products > Cleaning products

(MEXEL Industries)
CLEANMEX Tar remover is dissolving product for tars, bituminous mixtures and asphalts.
Learn more about Cleanmex Tar remover

(MEXEL Industries)
DETERMEX 100 deep cleans and makes disappear completely grease, oil, tar, dust, traces of gasoline and oil, mold and other stubborn deposits. Learn more about Determex
Application products > Treatment products

(MEXEL Industries)
CLEANMEX Anti-block bitumen is used as an anti-adhesive bitumen during transport and their implementation for road construction. Learn more about Cleanmex Anti-block bitumen

(MEXEL Industries)
AquaMexOil® is a release oil for formwork, moulds, building and concrete construction.
Learn more about AquaMexOil
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Intermediate products > Functional additives

(Rettenmaier France (JRS))
The company Rettenmaier France offers renewable and natural additives for sector of cosmetics, such as thickeners, stabilizers, etc. Learn more about these additives
Intermediate products > Polymer resins

(Compound Technology Services)
Company CTS (Compound Technology Services) offers the product GREEN TEFABLOC® TPE including Gaïalene plant based resin. the current grades combine softness, soft touch and translucence for applications focussing on touch or for highly specified visual applications.
Learn more about Green Tefabloc
Intermediate products > Surfactants


Company WHEATOLEO has renamed a range of its surfactants as APPYCLEAN, including Alkyl Poly-pentosides used as a cleaner / degreaser and a glycoside, a non-foaming surfactant.
Learn more about Appyclean


SOPHOCLEAN is an industrial biosurfactant. It have good degreasing and wetting properties and can be used as a non foaming surfactant. Learn more about Sophoclean
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A French label "Biobased building"

The French construction sector received on December 19 a new label to promote the integration of bio-based materials in new construction.

The decree of December 19, 2012 lays down the conditions for awarding the label that is intended for new buildings and includes three levels based on the bio-based material mass per square meter.

Each level requires a minimum rate of label incorporation of bio-based material. It depends on the use to which the building is intended.

Learn more about this label

Eco-design - A work in progress

The magazine Formule Verte offers a report on eco-design.

"Manufacturers in plant chemistry want to move towards products which are more eco-designed. However, environmental impact assessment and life cycle analysis of products is still complex. Therefore one of the challenges for eco-design is to communicate in a manner which is clear, simple and scientifically relevant to consumers."

[...] More on this report

Suppliers registered in the Agrobiobase
More than 120 companies have registered their products in the Agrobiobase!
- AdventAgri
- AFT Plasturgie
- AGAE Technologies
- Alban Muller International
- Allylix, Inc.
- ALM SARL - Aliecor
- Arkema
- Autem Eco-matériaux
- Bamboo Fibers Technology
- Bertin S.A.
- Bio Attitude
- BioAmber
- Bio-Lub Canada
- Biomiscanthus France Holding
- Bionov
- Biosphere
- Borregaard LignoTech
- Brenntag
- Cathay Industrial Biotech
- Cavac Biomatériaux
- CB sas
- Centre for Biocomposites & Biomaterials Processing
- ChanvrEco SA
- Ciccapack
- Condat
- Couleurs de Plantes
- Creagif Biopolymeres
- Croda
- CTS - Compound Technology Services
- Derbigum
- Derivery SAS
- Disco-Lab SARL
- Dragonkraft
- DSM Composite Resins
- DuPont
- Dyrup SAS
- E.P.I. France
- Ecota France Technologie - Ecologique
- EcoTechnilin
- Ecover
- Emery Oleochemicals
- EnviroPlus
- Eurocob
- Europe Laine
- Faurecia Intérieur Industrie
- Fibres Recherche Développement - FRD
- Flax Technic
- FuturaMat
- Graphite Resources (DEP) Limited
- Huhtamaki films
- Hygrozyme-France
- Innobat
- Laboratoires LABEMA
- Lambiotte&Cie
- METabolic EXplorer
- MEXEL Industries
- Molydal
- Mopelia Composite
- Naptural Isoplume
- Natureplast
- NatureWorks BV
- Naturlin SARL
- Norafin Industries GmbH
- Novabiom
- Novalin France Sarl
- Novamont
- Novance / Oleon
- nr Gaïa
- Ouateco
- Pavatex France SARL
- Pennakem Europa SAS
- Phyto-VALOR S.A.S.
- Plastic Omnium Environnement
- Polyone
- Prefer
- Procotex Corporation SA
- Prodirox France
- Produits MAULER
- Purac
- Rettenmaier France SARL (JRS)
- Reverdia™ (JV subject to regulatory approval)
- Rhizosfer
- Roquette
- Safic Alcan
- Safilin
- Salveco
- Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
- Seppic
- Showa Denko Europe GmbH
- Sofila
- Soliance
- Solvay
- Sommer Needlepunch
- Sonae Indùstria
- Soprema
- Steico France SAS
- Stramentech SAS
- Sukano AG
- Surfact'green
- Synbra Technology bv
- Technichanvre
- Tereos Syral
- Toyo Ink Europe
- Unil Opal
- Vandeputte Oleochemicals
- Vegeplast sas
- Wblock Development SAS
- Wheatoleo

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