Issue n°11 - April 2013

Spring of exhibitions

Agrobiobase was present in key international exhibitions of this beginning of year:
- JEC, European meeting for composites,
- R & D show of Hanover Fair, international crossroads of technical innovations,
- Ecobat, French show on sustainable building.

Taken together, these shows have gathered 70,000 visitors, allowing to accentuate the international visibility of Agrobiobase's products.

Pending next events, keep an eye on the latest registered products!

News - Products

This product is a natural adhesive for light coatings (papers, glassfiber, cork, and so on) on walls and ceilings.
Cleaning products

Topklean ORGANIC is effective in mechanical precision degreasing in vacuum cleaning process.
Coatings (paints, varnishes, etc.)

The product Sajade® is a complex of organic cotton, cellulose, vegetable and mineral decorative fibers , bound by cellulose, for the covering of wall and ceilings.
Insulation products

Effiwood is a wood insulation in panel for roof, wall, ceiling, and timber frame.

MECAGREEN 450 is a premium soluble oil for metal woking. The lubricating phase is a complex synthetic esters of vegetable origin.
Materials, equipment, accessories

CB20-27 is a durable clip for trellis work. It is indeed extremely durable over a period of more than 10 years.
For any demand of sourcing, do not hesitate to contact us!
Chemical intermediates

Sebacic acid is a chemical intermediate that can be used for producing polyamides or other biobased plastic resins, in industrial applications and as chemical intermediate.
Functional additives

CONDAPULSE is a high performance additive, allowing to increase the performance of machining fluid.

Dibutyl sebacate is mainly used as cold resistant plasticizer for synthetic resins and rubbers, and as plasticizer in food contact and pharma applications.

Dimethyl sebacate can be used as plasticizer, softening agent and solvent for cellulosic resin, synthetic resins and rubber, and as major raw material to produce light stabilizers.

Fibrimat LCM is a range of natural fiber non woven mats made used in making composite parts.
Resins, Polymers

Protobind is a famiy of renewable aromatic biopolymers derived from Lignin from wheat straw.


Radianol 4713 is a propylene glycol made from natural glycerol. Propylene glycol is a solvent used in many applications (ie as anti-freeze, as a humectant in cosmetics, as an emulsifier in food, etc.).
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- Appear among the major providers of biobased products
- Increase your visibility with a targeted public, at an international level
- Facilitate the access to your products
- Master the communication on your bioproducts

Suppliers registered in the Agrobiobase

- AFT Plasturgie
- Arkema
- Bio Attitude
- BioAmber
- Biotec
- Borregaard LignoTech
- CB sas
- Ciccapack
- Condat
- Croda
- CTS - Compound Technology Services
- Derivery SAS
- DSM Composite Resins

- DuPont
- EcoTechnilin
- EnviroPlus
- Eurocob
- Faurecia Intérieur Industrie
- Fibres Recherche Développement - FRD
- Flax Technic
- FuturaMat
- GreenValue
- Hygrozyme-France
- Innobat
- Inventec Performances Chemicals
- JaDecor
- Laboratoires LABEMA

- Lambiotte&Cie
- METabolic EXplorer
- MEXEL Industries
- Molydal
- Natureplast
- Novamont
- Novance / Oleon
- nr Gaïa
- Ouateco
- Pennakem Europa SAS
- Phyto-VALOR S.A.S.
- Polyone
- Prodirox France
- Produits MAULER

- Safilin
- Salveco
- Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
- Seppic
- Soliance
- Solvay
- Soprema
- Technichanvre
- Tereos Syral
- Vandeputte Oleochemicals
- Vegeplast sas
- Wblock Development SAS
- Wheatoleo

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