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General conditions of sale

The present conditions exclusively govern the service of publication of bio-based products on the website of Agrobiobase.

Agrobiobase is a service of the competitiveness cluster Bioeconomy For Change
10 rue Pierre Gilles de Gennes 02000 Barenton-Bugny - FRANCE
Phone: +33(0)

Association law 1901 (competitiveness cluster)
N° SIRET: 489.228908 000 13
Intracommunity N° VAT: FR 09.489.228908 000 13
Code APE: 9499 Z

Article 1 - Price

The prices of publication on the website are indicated in euros excluding tax (VAT).

In the executive of an order made in France, the service of referencing will be invoiced in euros with integration of the VAT.

In the executive of an order out of France, the service of referencing will be invoiced in euros excluding tax.
Customs duties or other taxes local or right of import or taxes of state are likely to be demandable. These rights and sums do not concern Agrobiobase.
They will be at your expense and note of your total liabilities, as well in terms of statements as of payments to the authorities and qualified organisms of your country. We advise you to inform you about these aspects near your local authorities.

Agrobiobase reserves the right to amend its prices at any time but publication will be invoiced on the basis of going rates at the time of your validation of purchase order.
You can check prices via the following prices.


Article 2 - Invoicing

The emitted invoices are acquitted and available for consultation on the supplier account from validation of the payment.

The invoices for a purchase order made in France are issued in French language. The invoices for any purchase order made out of France are issued in English language.


Article 3 - Validation

You state to have taken knowledge and accepted the present General terms of sales before the making of your purchase order. The validation of your purchase order is thus worth acceptance of these General terms of sales.

Except contrary evidence, the data recorded by Agrobiobase constitutes the evidence of all of the transactions passed between Agrobiobase and its customers.


Article 4 - Delivery of the service

The publication of bio-based products is effective:
- from validation by the administrator of the information informed during the registration,
- and from reception and validation of the payment of referencing.

The deadline of publication can thus vary according to the method of payment chosen by the customer (bank check or credit transfer).


Article 5 - Payment

The Regulation of your referencing can be carried out:
- by bank check,
- by credit transfer.

In the event of payment by banking check, in order to optimize the deadline of publication of your products, the check will be to send to Bioeconomy For Change cluster in the 2 working days following your validation of purchase order to: Bioeconomy For Change 10 rue Pierre Gilles de Gennes 02000 Barenton-Bugny FRANCE

In the event of payment by credit transfer, in order to optimize the deadline of publication of your products, the transfer is to be carried out in the 2 working days following the communication of the banking coordinates of Bioeconomy For Change.

In the event of payment by credit transfer or banking chek, a request will be again made in case of no reception of the payment beyond 15 working days as from the beginning of the procedure of payment.


Article 6 - Security

Agrobiobase thus ensures not to hold any significant data related to the means of payment.


Article 7 - Right of retractation

In accordance with the legal tendencies in force, you have a 7 days deadline as from the reception of your purchase order to exert your right of retractation at Agrobiobase without having to justify motives nor to pay penalty.


Article 8 - Refund

The refund of the products in the hypotheses aimed in article 7 will be carried out as soon as possible and at the latest in the 30 days following the date on which the right was exerted.
The refund will be carried out on proposal of Agrobiobase by credit on the bank account of the customer or by bank check addressed on behalf of the customer having placed the order and to the billing address, the customer can choose another mode of refund that proposed.


Article 9 - Applicable duty - Litigations

This contract is forwarded to the French law.
In the event of litigation, the French courts will be only qualified.


Article 10 - Personal information

The informations and data relating to you are necessary to the management of your purchase order. These informations and data are also preserved at ends of safety, in order to adhere to the legal and statutory requirements.

In accordance with the law “Informatique et libertés” (computing and freedoms) of January 6th 1978, you have the right of access, correction and opposition to the personal information relating to you.
It is enough for you to address your claim by mail to “Bioeconomy For Change 10 rue Pierre Gilles de Gennes 02000 Barenton-Bugny FRANCE”, by indicating your name, first name, e-mail, addresses and if possible your reference customer. In accordance with the regulations in force, your claim must be signed and accompanied by the photocopy of a card of identity carrying your signup and specify the address to which must reach you the talkback. A answer will then be addressed to you within 2 month following the reception of the claim.