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Association law 1901 (competitiveness cluster)
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Statute book APE: 9499 Z

Responsable de publication : Boris Dumange, Managing Director, Bioeconomy For Change
Editorial manager: J. BAUSSET, Agrobiobase manager, Bioeconomy For Change

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Statement CNIL

Issue of the statement with the CNIL: 1451933, on September 10th, 2010


Appropriation photographs

Credits of photographs and illustrations on the Product & Supplier sheets are assigned to suppliers.

Credits of sectors/markets and thematic issues visuals are assigned according to the following distribution:


Torian - Fotolia

Building / Civil

Maxim_Kazmin - Fotolia


Mariano Ruiz -


Nadezda Razvodovska - Fotolia


pitrs - Fotolia


Africa Studio -


Schlierner -


Andrei Merkulov - Fotolia

Environment (water, soil)

rfsole - Fotolia


pp76 -


Salmon - Fotolia


Jan Felber - Fotolia

Flask with pipette

Olivier Le Queinec


Monticellllo - Fotolia


Uriy Badaev -

Hygiene / Health / Beauty

Anna Bryukhanova


Warren Goldswain


Kalinovsky Dmitry


Maria Arts - Fotolia

Paint cans

Luis Ceifao -


Franck Boston - Fotolia

Agriculture / Forestry / Viticulture, Food / Feed, Consumer good, Wood/Paper/Cardboard, Electronic, Submit a bioproduct, Furniture / Decoration


Detergency, Maintenance, Coating (painting, varnish, ink, etc.), Plastics / Composites / Rubber, Textile / Leather / Clothing ;

Aluminum, plastic pellets, crumpled paper, technical fibers



Agrobiobase® Photographic library: Bioeconomy For Change/Natureplast/Formule Verte/Rhodia/Novance/All rights reserved


General Terms of Use



The website is a Service of the Bioeconomy For Change competitiveness cluster.

The Bioeconomy For Change Cluster aims at valuing vegetal innovation for concrete industrial applications, based on agricultural production and the vegetal biomass. The purpose is to conceive different and sustainable bio-based products and materials. They will be used in the manufacturing of tomorrow currents goods.
From the idea to the development, searching financing, Bioeconomy For Change Cluster supports project leaders, whatever the size of their organization or company. Projects lean on the model of biorefinery.

This Service aims to reference bio-based products (also appointed bioproducts within the site) and their suppliers (see hereafter their definitions).
It should be noted that the Service limits itself with the products resulting from the plant biomass.

Bio-based product: According to the ADEME (French Agency Of the Environment and Control of Energy), “it is a nonfood product, partially or completely resulting from the biomass. The bio-based product include the products with high value such as those resulting from the fine chemicals (pharmaceutical, fragrances, food additives, etc), as well as the products of speciality (lubricating, detergent, etc) or the products of convenience (polymeric, intermediate chemical, etc). The concept excluded the traditional bio-based products, such as those which come from pulp and paper, wood and the biomass, used like energy source.”

Supplier: The supplier term gathers at the same time the producers and the distributors of bio-based products.

The Service makes it possible a supplier to create an account enabling him to manage its information (supplier datasheet, product datasheet).



The Editor tries hard to hold up to date and exact the information published on, and to check out the veracity of the elements published.
We draw your attention to the fact that some given result from the statements of the concerned authors (suppliers).

The use of given datas by the Service is made under the only responsibility of the User, the liabilities of the Editor whom cannot in no case to be required in the event of an unspecified prejudice or direct or indirect damage such as breakdown of a market, commercial loss or breakdown of customers, resulting of any inaccuracy or error of indexing of given appearing in the Service.

The information supplied on is it on a purely informative basis. Thank you to announce us any fault or omission to the following address: contact(at)


Privacy - Personal information

All the personal information collected on the site is discussed with more the strict confidentiality.
We remind that you have of a right of access, amendment, correction and suppression of given which relate to you (Article 34 of the French law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6th, 1978).
To exert this right, you address to the Editor.

For its operation, the Agrobiobase’s website uses cookies. A cookie does not personally identify a user. However, it records information about the navigation of users’ computer on the website (login, search history, etc.).. Users can delete cookies by configuring their browser options.

Contact form (access Supplier's details & Documents)
To access supplier’s details and documents attached to product sheet, the visitor has to fill out some information about him.
The visitor has to fill at least the name of his organization, or his name and surname in the case of an individual.
He can add his details (phone, e-mail) and can interact with the supplier by integrating comments and / or questions.

This information is not passed to third parties and remains exclusively reserved to internal use of concerned supplier.

By accessing these data that is transmitted to him (by e-mail and on its behalf), the supplier agrees to restrict the use of this information internally across his company.




The Editor has only one obligation of means for all the milestones and functionalities of the site. The liabilities of the Editor could not be engaged for all the disadvantages or damage inherent in the use of the Internet network, in particular a break-up of the service, an extraneous intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, or done everything qualified major force, in accordance with the common law.


Intellectual property

The Service, its general structure and its contents, are the property of the Editor.
The databases being reproduced on the site are protected by the provisions of the Statute book of the intellectual property.
All the elements of the website, including the downloadable documents, are protected by the copyright, of brand names or the patents.
Consequently, you can in no case and in no manner, reproduce, represent, disseminate, amend, concede whole or part of any of the elements reproduced on the site and whole or part of the site without the prior agreement and express train of the Editor.

The contents of the Service can in no manner be the object, even partially, of any loan, exchange or divestment, on a purely free of charge or expensive basis, of any retrieval total or partial of data; only visualization on screen and the impression on paper are authorized, for the exclusive benefit of the User and for its own needs.
Any other use is prohibited, except written prior approval of the Editor, under penalty of legal proceedings.


Editorial content (except database)

The totality of the editorial contents (articles, studies, etc.) is not the property of the Editor.

All the articles or studies whose source is not specified is the property of the Editor.
Bioeconomy For Change cluster provides its own documents: PRIV and Vegereach datasheets, extracts of the platform Tremplin etc

The other editorial contents are the property of the authors specified in the heading “Source”. The Formule Verte magazine also provides some contents.


Radiation of a supplier

The Editor reserves the right to erase a Supplier registered in the event of non-observance of the one of the clauses of these general terms or in the event of an excessive use of the service considered as likely to be the performance of an illicit use.
In this case, the Editor will inform the Supplier of it, without prejudice of any complaint under damages.



The present conditions are implemented throughout all setting on line of the services supplied by the Editor to the website .


Applicable law and competency

The present conditions are forwarded to the French law. The allocation of competency in the event of litigation, and in the absence of out-of-court settlement between the parties, is given with the qualified French courts.