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  • Technifeutre


    The felt of hemp is a material plant 100 %, which allows uses in the building(ship) (ex: phonic break) and the green spaces (ex:paillage, protection of ground)
    Last update 01/03/2016
  • LINEA S&N Hives Formula

    Derivery SAS

    Natural topcoat paint, specially formulated for hives and that limitates indoor temperature.
    Last update 21/08/2013
  • 1,2-pentanediol

    Pennakem Europa SAS

    1,2-pentanediol is a multi-purpose product which is used as industrial solvent (ink...etc.), formulation active ingredient in cosmetics and as chemical intermediate for agro chemistry and others.
    Last update 10/07/2014
  • GREEN, plant fractions

    Fibres Recherche Développement - FRD

    GREEN is a range of plant fractions, for the load or the reinforcement of thermoplastic composites. This range is suitable for injection and extrusion processes.
    Last update 27/10/2011


    DiesterLub Hydro 46 is a vegetable oil, stable to oxidation, formulated for a better lubrication of hydraulic systems.
    Recommended for hydraulic systems of tractors, public works equipments, locks, dams,...
    Last update 20/08/2013