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Description :
SOLAGUM TARA, 100% natural gum (powder) can be used to thicken & stabilize emulsions and cream-gels. It also acts as a texurizing agent by providing them with a structuring effect and very soft feel. This non ionic polysaccharide hydrates instantly in water and can be used hot or cold. Recommended for medium or thick consistency formulations, SOLAGUM TARA is ready to infuse its benefits (high resistance to electrolytes …) in chassis formulas.

PROPERTIES: Thickener / stabilizer, Texturizing agent

SPECIFICITIES: Resistant to electrolytes, Ideal for chassis formulas, synergistic behaviour with synthetic polymers, Usable with a cold or hot process, Non ionic, Gives very soft touch to formulas

APPLICATIONS: Skincare, Suncare, Make-up, Oral care (toothpastes, …)

Product family :
Intermediate products > Functional additives

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Tara Gum

Environmental gain
Fully plant-derived
Approved by ECOCERT, COSMOS, NATRUE, BDIH and Soil Association

Geographical target markets, Manufacturing place, Place of supply in plant biomass, Standards - Labels
Last update 08/12/2020
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