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Functional Asphalt Additives for Road Construction


Description :
The JRS RETTENMAIER group is dedicated to the research, development and processing of plant fibers from bio-based raw materials. In this context, we highlight the multiple functionalities of these natural additives that can be used by industry.

The road construction industry has viewed us as a competent, innovative and reliable partner for over 30 years. VIATOP® - our product line of bitumen coated fiber granules and fiber additives - has for years established itself as the standard for high quality, multifunctional additives for asphalt mixes.

Our 4 production sites make it possible to secure the supply of the following products:

VIATOP® premium
VIATOP® plus AD 10
VIATOP® plus C 25
VIATOP® plus CT 40
VIATOP® plus CT 80-AC
The VIATOP ® range is used in many mixes:

SMA, Stone Mastic Asphalt: safe, versatile, durable, economic
SMA Plus - Noise-reducing Stone Mastic Asphalt: safe, versatile, durable, economic, noise reducing
SMA BC – Stone Mastic Asphalt Binder Courses: versatile, durable, sustainable, economical
AC Duopave – Two in one: process reliability, permanent, sustainable, economic
AC Plus FEP – Elastomer Modified Asphalt Concrete: innovative, economic, environmentally friendly
RAP – For all types of asphalt mixes: innovative, environmentally friendly, economical, durable
WMA – Warm Mix Asphalt: versatile, environmentally friendly, energy efficiency, economic
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Product family :
Application products > Coatings (paints, varnishes, etc.)

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Bio-based content

Environmental gain
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Last update 18/08/2021
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