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Description :
Libeco is one of the largest linen weavers in Europe; we offer decorative fabrics, apparel linen, technical canvas, embroidery linen and are manufacturers of finished linen products of high quality.

In terms of both ecology and sustainable development, linen is a real champion. This organic linen collection sets the bar even higher. From the field to the end product, our manufacturing processes are completed with maximum respect for the environment.

Our linen is grown by organic farmers, and is spun, woven and finished without the addition of any harmful products whatsoever. All our processes are GOTS certified.

After extensive research, we are able to offer a high-quality organic linen. Organic manufacturing enables us to offer a good, strong, long-lasting product that is more environmentally friendly.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Reinforcing fibers

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content

Environmental gain
Flax is a plant that grows naturally, it is gentle on the land. It does not require irrigation during the growing process.

The currently used dew retting method frees the fibers from its wooden stem in a natural way. The industrial processes of spinning and weaving have very little impact on the environment. Libeco’s weaving mill operates carbon neutral.

All parts of the flax plant are used, there is no waste. Linen products are 100% biodegradable or recyclable.

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Last update 18/09/2014
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