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Edulis Exudactive®

Plant Advanced Technologies, SA

Description :
Edulis Exudactive® root extract is a concentrated active ingredient for dermo-cosmetic application. It offers an unmet yield of dermo-active 3,5DCQA content thanks to the Plant Milking® technology (patent WO 01/33942 A1). This environment friendly process allows the harvest of active compounds from root exudation of plants grown aeroponically. The product offers for the first time such purity and concentration in 3,5DCQA.
The phytochemical profile of Edulis Exudactive® root extract is unique since 3,5DCQA is harvested from living roots. Its composition has shown stronger cosmetic bioactivity than conventional extracts.

The percentage of the extract takes into account the proportion of the extraction solution. The future product developments tend to replace the extracting solution by a plant-based solution.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Actives

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Edulis plant
< 5%

Environmental gain
- Plants used for the production of Edulis Exudactive® root extract are not destroyed during the process thanks to the advantages offered by the Plant Milking® technology. Plants can hence be harvested up to 8 times during the spring, summer and fall season.
- The production of Edulis Exudactive® root extract preserves agricultural land areas.
- Zero water wasted. The water used in the composition of the culture medium that feeds the plants is collected from the greenhouse rooftops. No drinkable water is pumped from the water supply network.
- Zero Pesticide. The production greenhouse is pesticide-free. Harmful insects are managed by biocontrol solutions only

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Last update 17/03/2015
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