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  • Végétol

    Laboratoires Xérès

    First natural formulation for electronic cigarette, 100% vegetal, totally free of propylene glycol, of synthetic flavors and alcohol, only dedicated to smokers looking for nicotine effect whitout any exposition to carcinogens or to vapers allergic to propylene glycol.
    Last update 25/01/2017
  • Vegetan FL

    Givaudan Active Beauty

    Vegetan FL is a very pure liquid form of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) obtained by biotechnology from renewable vegetal ressources. This ecoresponsible self-tanning active ingredient gives a perfect glow to the skin.
    Last update 31/10/2013
  • VEGECAR Wheel cleaner

    Bio Attitude

    The cleaner easily cleans wheels rims of residues of brake pads, grease and dirt.
    Last update 03/06/2014

    Compagnie des agrafes à vigne

    Amidograf® is the very first stapling clip, 100% bio-based and biodegradable in real conditions (in situ).
    The complete biodegradation of this staple is carried out on the soil in the vines over the year and enters the cycle of the humification.
    Last update 17/01/2018

    API SpA

    APINAT BIO® is an environmentally friendly brand offering a variety of recyclable and biodegradable thermoplastic compounds suited to a wide range of applications.
    Last update 01/07/2016