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Description :
CBS is a non-woven disc Silicon carbide- Support hemp, which has the following characteristics:
- Abrasive silicon carbide-based grains for grinding efficiency on all types of materials
- Non-woven structure for an intensive and flexible cleaning without damaging the piece
- Abrasive grains interspersed in the nonwoven structure avoiding clogging of the abrasive grains
- Fiber-based plate support for a consistency of the grinding ont the entire surface of the workpiece

The support used is based on fiber hemp, consisting of 70% hemp fiber and 30% polypropylene binder. It has the following properties:
- Thermo absorbent: the cleaned piece heats less and not blacks
- Anti-vibration: significant prolongation of lamellae efficacy

CBS is used for the following applications:
- High performance stripping, without damage to the part
- Cleaning of: Welding rod / Residues on concrete shuttering / Timber beams / Bricks
- Pickling of steel and stainless steel: Rust / Oxide layers / Painting
- Elimination of: Coatings / Sealant / Sealing residues

Product family :
Application products > Materials, equipment, accessories

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Hemp (relative to the support)
70%, Calculated by volume percentage

Environmental gain
Natural support made from hemp fiber: product eco-friendly with low impact on the environment

Geographical target markets, Manufacturing place, Place of supply in plant biomass
Last update 24/06/2014
Data stemming from statements of the supplier

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