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Avenue Pierre Mendès France
88100 Saint Die des Vosges

Description :
Salveco® is a French industrial laboratory, based on an experience of 20 years of scientific research and specialized in plant chemistry, who has developed cleaning and disinfecting formulations that reconcile regulatory requirements with safety expectations:
/ Efficacy recognized by independent laboratories and his international clients.
/ Composed exclusively from plant extracts, essential oils, and minerals with no petroleum derivatives: 100% biodegradable.
/ Unique 100% biodegradable formulas on the market; guaranteed, certified and patented by Salveco technology.

Dr Stephan Auberger, Founder-Director of Salveco® comments: “Our laboratory’s Mission is simple: to create healthy and effective hygiene solutions and make them available to the greatest number of people and organisations”.

Business sector
Detergents, Disinfectants, Hygien products

Last update 16/09/2015
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2 products proposed by this supplier
  • Calinou Surface disinfectant cleaner - baby

    Calinou Cleanser Disinfectant, with its 100% plant-based active ingredients, without bleach, alcohol or petrochemical derivatives, gently and safely disinfects your baby's environment by removing 99.999% of bacteria *.
    * Bactericidal activity according to EN1276 and EN13697 in 5min. TP2, TP4 / AL.

  • Disinfection range

    The SALVECO® industrial laboratory has developed and patented a completely new and unique range from plant-based actives of hand sanitizers (Personal care) and professional and consumer surface disinfectants. Salveco is to date the only one in the world to benefit from a Simplified Authorisation.

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