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Biobased hydrocolloids for versatile applications


Description :
JRS, manufacturer of natural ingredients and plant fibers, offers biodegradable and economical alternatives based on natural and renewable origin to synthetic and petrol based thickeners, gelifyers or stabilizers.
These are HPMCs, cellulose gels (MCGs = Microcrystalline Cellulose Gels), pectins and alginates.

Here are the properties that these biobased additives show:

1. HPMC (HydroxyPropylMethylCellulose)
Viscosity range: wide
Dosage up to: 10%
Stability at pH: 3 - 11
Sprayability: medium
Film forming: very good
Suspensive: medium
Emulsifier: medium
Thickener: high
Transparency: good
Main functions: film-forming, adhesion, gel effect under heat action.

2. Cellulose Gels (MCGs)
Viscosity range: medium
Dosage up to: 4%
Stability at pH: 4 - 10
Sprayability: excellent
Film forming: low
Suspensive: excellent
Emulsifier: high
Thickener: medium
Transparency: opaque
Main functions: suspensive, thixotropic

3. Pectins
Viscosity range: limited
Dosage up to: 3%
Stability at pH: 2.5 - 5.5 (7)
Sprayability: low
Film forming: low
Suspensive: medium
Emulsifier: low
Thickener: low to high (if calcium present or low pH)
Transparency: excellent
Main functions: gelling, moisturizing, interaction with proteins

4. Alginates
Viscosity range: wide
Dosage up to: 10%
Stability at pH: 4 - 8
Sprayability: low
Film forming: excellent
Suspensive: medium
Emulsifier: low
Thickener: medium to high (if calcium present)
Transparency: excellent
Main functions: cold gelling in the presence of calcium, film-forming

Most of these additives are eligible for Ecolabel, are eco-certifiable, are not subject to REACH registration and contain no VOCs. They also have the possibility of being able to reduce certain formulation costs.

Examples of applications:
Adhesives: alternative to acrylic thickeners
Agriculture: for stabilizing / gelling / thickening spray solutions
Human or animal food: as a thickener or gelling agent
Cosmetics: providing softness and hydration
Bitumen emulsions: as stabilizer / gelling agent (alternative to bentone gels)
Paints: total or partial alternative to HEC (cellulose ethers) as well as PU thickeners
Pharma: for liquid forms (syrup or nasal spray type)
And many others…

Product family :
Intermediate products > Functional additives

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Cellulose or Algae or Citrus

Environmental gain
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Last update 11/04/2022
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