Chemistry (formulation, synthesis)

Chemical intermediates for specialty products and commodities[br /] Formulation additives (cosmetics, paints, plastics, etc.)

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  • DERNATAC® P105


    Pentaerythritol ester of rosin[br /] This product provides properties that are interesting in the coating, varnishes or adhesives industries and especially as additives in green bitumen.
    Last update 04/11/2013


    Matt-velvety paint based on 97% bio-based alkyd resin emulsion Biosourced paint 2 in 1 (Printing and Finishing) for protection and decoration walls and ceilings.[br /] Paint containing more than 54% bio-based carbon according to NF EN 16640
    Last update 17/11/2022

    Laboratoires LABEMA

    The corrosion inhibitor VEGERUST®LR-v is an aqueous solution based on fatty acids salts, obtained from a vegetal oil.
    Last update 21/08/2013
  • Bio-Composite Plastics

    Biobent Polymers

    Biobent’s primary products are polymer resins that contain up to 40% renewable content without compromising material performance. These resins will be sold on a weight basis and used by injection molders and other plastic converters to create a wide range of plastic end products.
    Last update 06/05/2014
  • LINEA Sport and Nature Natural tracing on grass

    Derivery SAS

    Natural paint to dilute for drawing on sports grassed fields , based on a water emulsion of linseed oil[br /] Formula controlled by Ecocert Greenlife
    Last update 20/08/2013