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ARBOCEL®, FILTRACEL®, filter aid


Description :
JRS, J. RETTENMAIER & Söhne Group, processes organic fibers derived from vegetable raw materials (cellulose, purified lignocellulose , wood...) . The manufactured materials are used as filter aids.

Therefore, JRS offers cost effective and eco-friendly solutions for solids-liquid separation purposes within:
° Beverage industry (wine , beer , fruit juices , liquors…)
° Edibles industry ( sugar, glucose, oil, gelatin…)
° Chemistry ( inorganic chemistry , organic chemistry: removal of catalysts , activated carbon , precipitated salts….)
° Metal working industry ( cooling lubricant purification…)

Why Cellulose Filter Aids?
Excellent separating qualities
Economical, environmentally friendly disposal
Harmless from an occupational medicine point of view
Reliable and highly effective

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Product family :
Application products > Materials, equipment, accessories

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Green raw materials

Environmental gain
Organic fibers derived from vegetable raw materials.
When it is used:
- Decrease of the losses of the valuable liquid.
- Decrease of the amount of the waste.
- Improve the waste management.

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Last update 13/07/2023
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