Consumers goods

Plastics, fibers and composite materials for the production of objects and accessories
(eg razor, glasses frame, sports equipment)

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  • Pentiol Green +


    MinaCare® Pentiol Green + is the unique renewable alternative of petro-sourced Pentylene Glycol, which is a very widely used moisturizing agent. Additionally, this ingredient has proven its value against yeasts, molds and bacteria as an alternative to conventional preservatives for skin care, hair care, make up and toiletries.
    Last update 31/08/2015
  • Fabrics Libeco Organic


    Libeco is one of the largest linen weavers in Europe; we offer decorative fabrics, apparel linen, technical canvas, embroidery linen and are manufacturers of finished linen products of high quality.
    Last update 15/09/2014


    Grâce à l'OBIOBAG ultra concentré 3L, vous pouvez obtenir 20L de produits concentré.
    - Ultra dégraissant
    - Brillance sans trace
    Last update 03/05/2023
  • washing-up liquid bubble b


    100% vegetable-based and biodegradable, bubble b washing-up liquid effectively removes grease and milk residues from baby's dishes (feeding bottles, teething rings, dummies, soothers, etc.). Easy to rinse.
    Last update 22/12/2022
  • Cleaning vinegar 20% to dilute


    The cleaning vinegar 20% to dilute is an economical and ecological solution : with 1l of vinegar 20 ° and 1l of water you get a multi-purpose product.
    Last update 14/03/2023