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Description :
Suitable for all cleaning tasks where an acidic detergent must be used on a daily basis, mainly to remove dirt and lime deposits:
- for balneotherapy
- spas
- shower rooms and cabins, sanitary facilities, swimming pools, changing rooms, ...
- food processing industries.
- Its disinfectant activity is of particular interest in areas open to the public.
Combined descaling, detergent and disinfectant action.
100% biosourced: entirely formulated with natural and renewable raw materials.
Raw materials extracted from coconut, corn, wheat and wine must.
Forms a compact and adherent foam.
Comfortable to use as it has no odour.
Does not alter the colour of materials, does not attack the joints of tiles.
Restores shine to chrome and stainless steel fittings
Active even in hard water.
Easy to rinse.
Thanks to its 100% plant-based formulation, VG TAR DDA contributes to reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources and the production of greenhouse gases.
Complies with the amended decree of 8 September 1999 on the processes and products used for cleaning materials and objects intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, products and drinks for human and animal consumption (rinsing required if in contact with food).

Product family :
Application products > Cleaning products

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
100% biobased
100%, Calculated by weight percentage

Environmental gain
Thanks to its 100% vegetable-based formulation, VG TAR DDA contributes to the reduction of the consumption of non-renewable resources and the production of greenhouse gases.

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