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1,3-propanediol (PDO)

METabolic EXplorer

Description :
Key building block for the production of PTT, a specialty polyester with unique features (soft, elasticity, resilience, stain resistance,...) used in fibres applications (textiles, carpets) but also in engineering plastics. PDO can also be used in formulations for cosmetics, inks or speciality fluids, and in biopolymers including thermoplastics.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Chemical intermediates

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Crude Glycerin
100%, Calculated according to the method ACDV-EuBP-NNFCC (learn more)

Environmental gain
The process for producing 1.3-propanediol (PDO) is a bacterial fermentation process from crude glycerin, a by-product of the biodiesel industry. A life cycle analysis is currently being performed.

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Last update 17/12/2013
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