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To protect the skin from the ravages of pollution, SEPPIC is innovating with CONTACTICEL™, a skin-purifying active ingredient. 92% of the world’s population lives in an environment that is too polluted1, which causes numerous adverse impacts on the skin, such as early aging, cutaneous malfunctions or over-production of sebum.

CONTACTICEL™ is an extract from a little known red algae, Acrochaetium moniliforme which lives in contact with other algae. In association with other micro-organisms, it helps to protect its host against outside aggressions2.

Drawing inspiration from the properties of this algae, SEPPIC’s new active ingredient offers the skin protection against pollution: in two months, it effectively reduces the sebum of skin exposed to a polluted atmosphere with a visible and lasting result. CONTACTICEL™ is an exceptional skin-purifying agent that works against several pollutants (ozone, microparticles, heavy metals) through its combined properties2.

CONTACTICEL™ has been developed with the innovative technology CELEBRITY™, which makes it possible here to produce large quantities of biomass from an algae that could not be cultivated or harvested in its natural setting.

Erwan Le Gélébart, R&D project manager for BiotechMarine, confirms: “This innovative technology enables us once again to enhance a rare marine species and draw inspiration to create an original active ingredient that promotes healthy skin. It’s a great example of bio-inspiration!”

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Intermediate products > Actives

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Bio-based content
Algae extract

Environmental gain
Fully renewable raw material

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