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Description :
Oligolin™: multi-functional rejuvenation of the skin by flax seeds oligosaccharides for a firmer and better hydrated skin. With ageing, structural changes affect globally the different skin compartments. The epidermis is altered and becomes thinner, the dermo-epidermal junction flattens and the dermal structure becomes scarce. Skin loses its capacity of tissue regeneration and restructuration, loses its firmness and becomes dry. Looking for a global and multifunctional rejuvenating cure, we have designed Oligolin™ from the ancestral and sustainable flax crop, used for centuries for its oil and the manufacture of linen, and with traditional benefits for wound healing. Oligolin™, a hydrolyzed flax seed extract concentrated in oligosaccharides, has been proven to modulate the key parameters promoting skin tissue regeneration and restructuring. These oligosaccharides enable to regenerate the epidermis (thickness, involucrin, filaggrin) and the DEJ (collagen IV). In the dermis they activate the fibroblasts (proliferation and migration) for ECM restructuring (Collagens I and III, lumican, GAGs, hyaluronidase and heparanase inhibition). In vivo, on human volunteers, this overall skin regeneration restructuring effect results in an improvement of skin firmness and hydration for a multifunctional anti-ageing benefit.

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Application products > Care products

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Bio-based content
Hydrolyzed Linseed Extract

Environmental gain
Raw material
- Plant with low nitrogen requirements, carbon sinks for the soil and low energy consumption
- Very structuring for the soil, flax cultivation is excellent for rotation on plots with wheat for example
- Plant recoverable in its entirety: the plant's waste is recycled for its fibres in insulation, technical papers, textiles...
- No impact on the conservation status of the resource because the plant is grown worldwide,
- Commodity

- The seed extraction residues are fully composted by a local farmer
- The process was optimized to rationalize the amount of water used in the production of the ingredient

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