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Simulgreen 18-2


Description :
Versatile O/W emulsifier from vegetable sustainable resources, with extra-light skin feel, for all applications and textures from lotion to creams. Lamellar phases promoter in the continuous aqueous phase, it contributes to stratum corneum hydration and skin comfort.

- Emulsify all fatty phases from 2% (vegetable oil, shea butter, ester, mineral oil, silicone)
- Easy spreading, extra-light and soft skin feel
- No soaping effect in natural emulsions rich in vegetable oils and natural gum
- Lotion to cream textures
- Lamellar phase network promotion in the continuous water phase
- Compatible with organic and inorganic sunscreens
- Compatible with green preservatives or alternative preservatives
- Long lasting 8H moisturizing effect (in vivo)
- Contribute to emulsion efficacy: improvement of skin state and appearance perceived by 91% of the volunteers (in vivo after 14 days of use)

- ECOCERT and NATRUE approved
- Vegetable & sustainable origin
- Preservative free, free from solvent manufacturing process
- No soaping effect – Nude skin sensation
- Improved resistance to actives rich in electrolytes

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Product family :
Intermediate products > Surfactants

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Castor, wheat

Environmental gain
- No solvent
- No preservatives
- No hazardous reagents
- Safety in use
- Biodegradability

Geographical target markets, Manufacturing place, Place of supply in plant biomass, Classification list (CAS-REACH)
Last update 15/04/2014
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