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Braziletto extract, powder form


Description :
Pure aqueus Brasiletto extract, powder form.

Botanical family : Fabaceae
Botanical name : Haematoxylum brasiletto
Other common names : Red Wood, Brazilwood.
Caution : Haematoxylum brasiletto must not be mistaken with Caesalpinia Echinata, also known as Brazilwood : Echinata is an endangered species, which is not at all the case of Brasiletto.

Brasiletto is a small tree (from 2 to 12 meters high) which grows abundantly throughout Central America. It has a twisty trunk and a brown-greyish bark. The branches are thorny and the leaves small. It can be easily confused with Logwood. Flowers are yellow. This dye has been used for centuries.

Through its high Brazilin content, the extract gives a pink to red colour in water and a variety of shades, according to the mordant used. The oxydized form of Brazilin is Brazilein.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Functional additives

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Haematoxylum Brasiletto

Environmental gain
Aqueus extract

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