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Solvent Free Bio Based Polyol

Vandeputte Oleochemicals

Description :
The VEOPUR product range is based on polyesters polyols partially or totally bio-based (80 to 100%). Those products are dedicated to the PU industry (coatings, adhesives, selants, composites,...) and are produced from modified vegetable oils.

VEOPUR products are alternatives to petro based polyols and can replace in some cases castor oil based polyols.
Hydroxyl values are ranging from 30 to 350 mg KOH / gr and molecular weight & functionality can also be adapted.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Chemical intermediates

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Modified vegetable oils

Environmental gain
Product based on modified vegetable oils

Geographical target markets, Manufacturing place, Place of supply in plant biomass, Available quantity, Estimated price
Last update 21/08/2013
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