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Member of the competitiveness cluster Industries and Agro-Ressources


2 rue des Tilleuls
02320 Pinon

Description :
Our company succeeds in the agricultural domain for about the past 20 years.

The idea is to use all of our experience to the export & garden markets, with the sensibilities of each :
- Recognize, identify, attract by coupling art with the company, sponsoring with youth,
- Bring originality and being professional

Business sector

Last update 22/08/2013
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2 products proposed by this supplier
  • Boléro

    Technological formulation new generation, BOLERO improves the distribution, the speed of penetration and the quantity of boron likened by the plant.

  • Etincel

    Etincel is specially designed to eliminate the residues of sulfonylurées and the other phytosanitary active materials (including the oily products) which remained stuck on the organs of the atomizer (tank, pump, banisters, buzzards).

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