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Route de Bazancourt

Description :
WHEATOLEO has developed from agricultural by-products a fully renewable, vegetable based range of surfactants including hydrotrope, degreasing, cleansing, foaming agents, emulsifiers…

APPYCLEAN range of Alkyl-Poly-Pentosides (or APP) are patented surfactants characterized by :
- Proven performance
- Valorization of vegetable resources
- Environmentally friendly properties
- No competition with food stuffs

Business sector
Cosmetics, Detergency, Crop Protection

Last update 06/03/2015
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4 products proposed by this supplier
  • APPYCLEAN 6505

    100% renewable hydrotrope (which solubilizes the hydrophobic compounds in water)

  • APPYCLEAN 6552

    Powerful foaming and degreasing agent (Alkyl-Poly-Pentosides)

  • APPYCLEAN 6781

    High Performance Cleaning and Degreasing Agent (C8C10 Alkyl-Poly-Glycosides)


    SOPHOCLEAN is the first industrial biosurfactant. It has good degreasing and wetting properties and can be used as a non foaming surfactant.

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