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Description :
SOFRAMAP, a division of the ALLIOS group dedicated to the network of independent wholesalers, works every day to bring them competitiveness and credibility. Its expertise in the design and production of professional paints, allows SOFRAMAP to offer a particularly wide range of products and solutions able to meet the almost all the needs of the building protection and decoration market

SOFRAMAP is part of an approach to environmental protection and the process of sustainable development. Our products match high-performance and are respectful of Nature and People and allowing to carry out efficiently all the construction sites of the building or civil engineering.

Concerned about its commitment to this environmental approach, our research and development laboratory strives to formulate and offer paintings respectful of our planet and future generations.
SOFRAMAP has a long history of mastering and reducing the environmental impacts resulting from the manufacture and use of its paint products. Its production site in Villeneuve-loubet (06) has been ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for a number of years.

Besides the environmental and health impacts of the manufacturoing process, SOFRAMAP strives to develop and markets "eco-friendly" products. To achieve this objective, we are committed to a voluntary and ambitious approach to optimize the hygiene, health and environmentalperformance of our products. More than a sample label, we wanted to be involve in a true "systemic approach".

Our R&D laboratory are actively engaged in this process. In addition to strict compliance with the regulatory framework (VOC Directive, Indoor Air Quality Order, REACH regulations...) we are constantly seeking innovation while reducing environmental impacts and without making concessions to technical performance. Last but not least example, is our BIOSOURCE paint, the first paint with a bio-based acrylic binder.

Business sector
Paint manufacturer for building

ISO 9001 et ISO 14001

Last update 19/10/2022
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2 products proposed by this supplier

    Water-based paint with a matt finish made with biobased non-yellowing acrylic resin for long-term usage in the painting of interior surfaces. Superior wet scrub resistance of class 1


    Water-based paint with a mid sheen finish made with biobased non-yellowing acrylic resin for long term use. Superior wet scrub resistance of class 1.

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