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Derivery SAS

3, boulevard Eugene Marie
27800 Brionne

Description :
Manufacturer of paints since 1921, Derivery Sas has specialized since 2002 in the formulation of natural plasters, paints, stains, hard oils.
Most of the products in the range are formulated with unprocessed vegetable oils (flax, hemp, sunflower, etc.) in an emulsion in water.
The emulsifier ensuring the stability of the emulsion is casein.
The color pastes are also in a vegetable binder.
More than 100,000 shades are achievable.

Business sector
Natural coatings


Last update 09/12/2021
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10 products proposed by this supplier
  • Aqueous emulsion of natural oils and resins plant

    Emulsion from natural oils unprocessed (not alkyds, without ethoxylated surfactants) for formulation of matt and satin decorative indoor paints.

  • Aqueous emulsion of natural vegetal oils and resin

    Natural vegetal binder (not alkyd, without ethoxylated surfactants) for the formulation of products for protection and decoration of wood.


    Matt saturator for indoors and outdoors based on emulsion of vegetable oils.
    Non-film-forming impregnation product with high penetrating power.
    Water repellent, microporous, contains a fungicidal agent.
    Do not peel, do not flake.
    Maintenance without sanding or stripping.

  • Lasural woodstain indoor/outdoor 469

    Natural woodstain for protection and embellishment of european and exotic woods

  • LINEA S&N Hives Formula

    Natural topcoat paint, specially formulated for hives and that limitates indoor temperature.

  • LINEA Sport and Nature Natural tracing on grass

    Natural paint to dilute for drawing on sports grassed fields , based on a water emulsion of linseed oil
    Formula controlled by Ecocert Greenlife

  • Natura matt for walls and ceilings whithout dryers

    Water based natural top coat paint made from 100% vegetal binder for walls and ceilings of "dry" rooms

  • Natural adhesive

    Natural adhesive for light coatings (papers, glassfiber, cork, and so on) on walls and ceilings

  • Saturator Lasural

    Non film-forming natural saturator for wood protection

  • Vegetal oils emulsion for outdoor application

    Emulsion of natural unprocessed oils (not alkyds, without ethoxylated surfactants) for formulation of outdoor paints

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