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Z.I.P B.P 32
67390 Marckolsheim

Description :
Tereos Syral is a leading producer of starch, starch sweeteners, alcohol and proteins in Europe.

Tereos Syral offers a reliable and consistent supply, through the backing of its secure shareholding with the international sugar group TEREOS and its grain stockholder partners.

Tereos Syral processes corn and wheat to manufacture a wide range of value added products in compliance with the current and future requirements of the food, pharmaceutical, green chemistry, animal nutrition, paper and corrugated board industries.

Business sector
Food, pharmaceutical, green chemistry, animal nutrition, paper and corrugated board industries.

Last update 03/12/2015
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5 products proposed by this supplier
  • Glucose syrups and Dextrose

    Glucose syrups and dextrose are used in food and beverages, in construction.
    Dextrose is used as platform molecule for the production of polymers, surfactants, solvents, plasticizers, paints.

  • Meriplast

    MERIPLAST is made from wheat proteins and is fully biodegradable.
    This material has unique flexibility and elasticity properties which makes it unique amongst the biodegradable and renewable materials currently available.

  • Polyols (sorbitol, maltitol)

    Physico-chemical properties of sugar alcohols, such as sorbitol and maltitol syrups, ensure functionalities that are very useful in a wide variety of industrial applications as a chemical feedstock and functional ingredients.

  • Starch

    Polyvalent starch molecule is widely applied for production of bioplastics, for manufacturing of plaster boards, for paper treatment and corrugated board, for fermentation processes and for food & feed.

  • Wheat gluten

    Functional wheat gluten has applications in the field of eco-toxic glues that are traditionally used in the making of particle board panels, or as a polymer for internal panels for cars.
    Wheat gluten is also a nitrogen source for fermentation processes.

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