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Pennakem Europa SAS

224 avenue de la Dordogne
59944 Dunkerque

Description :
Pennakem is specialized in the furfural derivatives chemistry obtained from biomass and principally residues like corn cob or sugar cane bagasse.
Pennakem position itself as the worldwide leader of green furan solvents and furan intermediates or other molecules obtained from C5 and C6 cyclic structures mono oxygenated.
The company is positioned as a leading technologist for conversion of furfural and others to insure biobased innovative molecule developments.

Business sector
Green Chemistry

ISO 9001:2000

Last update 10/07/2014
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5 products proposed by this supplier
  • 1,2-pentanediol

    1,2-pentanediol is a multi-purpose product which is used as industrial solvent (ink...etc.), formulation active ingredient in cosmetics and as chemical intermediate for agro chemistry and others.

  • EcoXtract LIPOCOS

    EcoXtract LIPOCOS is a solution for lipophylic extraction attested by Ecocert for its use for production of COSMOS approved raw materials and ingredients. it could substitute petro-base solvents like hexane or in complement of cold press extraction allowing a nearly complete defatting (residual < 2%)

  • THF

    THF, tetrahydrofuran, is a universal, CN-solvent; its versatility creates an opportunity to reduce carbon footprint.


    VRIDISOL M is an aprotic polar solvent in the ether family. its versatility in use in synthesis gives the opportunity to reduce process costs at the same time of carbon footprint savings.


    THFA, 2 tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, can find applications in numerous uses in various formulation including agrichem and surface treatment (paint strippers).
    THFA is an excellent replacement for NMP, xylene, methylene chloride, acetone, d-limonene, glycol ethers and other solvents.

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