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Produits MAULER

7 rue de l'industrie
68360 Soultz

Description :
Produits MAULER® is a company focused on the manufacture and sale of outdoor and indoor Woodcare products for wood protection and decoration. Leader et pioneer in France of the ongoing sustainable and environment performance improvment on its business sector. Builded on the innovation strength of its R&D activity, Produits MAULER has all kind of Woodcare products (varnishes, oils, paints...) up to 99% natural or biobased

Business sector
Outdoor and Indoor woodcare products for protection and decoration

Last update 15/05/2014
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1 product proposed by this supplier
  • BLanc Mat "Naturel" Sans Odeur - Murs et Plafonds

    Good opacity, good penetration, high whiteness , low odor, the Biobased Blanc Mat Mauler is very suitable for ceiling, walls.

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