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52 rue de la Justice
51100 Reims

Description :
Charbonneaux-Brabant is a family business based in Reims and created in 1797. Historical producer of vinegar, our society became a specialist agent in formulation, packaging and distribution of DIY and cleaning products.

Business sector
DIY and cleaning products.

PME+ / ISO 9 001 / ISO 14 001 / ISO 50 001 / Ecocert

Last update 28/03/2023
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4 products proposed by this supplier
  • Alternative to white spirit

    The alternative to white spirit is a more natural and less dangerous formula for health than traditional white spirit, while having the same effectiveness.

  • Cleaning vinegar

    Cleaning vinegar is an essential household product. Environmentally friendly, naturally effective and slightly scented, this product will be perfect for multipurpose cleaning.

  • Cleaning vinegar 20% to dilute

    The cleaning vinegar 20% to dilute is an economical and ecological solution : with 1l of vinegar 20 ° and 1l of water you get a multi-purpose product.

  • Weeding vinegar

    Vinegar is recognized as a grassy basic substance by localized application, in direct spray on weeds at 6% acidity, on borders, alleys, sidewalks ...

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