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95 Rue Denis Papin Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon
76330 Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine

Description :
DEHONDT COMPOSITES, a spin-off of Groupe Dehondt, designs, manufactures and markets a new generation of bio-sourced composite materials: from continuous roving in technical flax fibre to thermoplastic sandwich panels; implementation in processes such as pultrusion, fibre placement, vacuum moulding or thermocompression. It is a European leader in the industrialization of semi-finished composite products targeting the markets of transport (land, sea and air), sports and recreation, construction, design… Innovative “cleantech” solutions are bio-sourced reinforcements made from flax fibre that can be combined with thermoplastic resins. Their specific properties are: lightness, recyclability, VOC reduction or high acoustic, thermal and damping performance. Business agility, responsiveness and permanent innovation enabling both standard and custom manufacturing, in accordance with customer specifications, with an approach based on circular economy and sustainable development.

Business sector
Natural fibres reinforcement and semi-finished products for composite material.

Label QUALIFLAX en cours d'obtention.

Last update 10/09/2019
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5 products proposed by this supplier

    LINTEX® is a semi-finished natural flax fibre product in the form of calibrated fibre lengths for plasturgy, composites or building.


    NATTEX® represents a range of natural flax fibres reinforcement issued from a specific culture, different from flax fibres for the textile industry.

  • SCUBE®

    SCUBE® is a electric vehicule whose bodywork are in flax reinforcement composites.


    TWINFLAX P-PREG is a preimpregnated reinforcement with a high performance biobased thermoplastic resin.The finished product made by compression molding is 100% biobased, very light and recyclable.


    TWINFLAX® is a technical fabric in natural flax fibre designed from non-coated twisted strands.

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