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Equilex Chemicals B.V.

Jan van Galenstraat 54
3115 JG Schiedam
The Netherlands

Description :
Equilex Chemicals BV is based in Schiedam, Netherlands and distributes chemicals intermediates and specialty chemicals in various industries.

Our mission is to serve our customers’ and suppliers’ interests, privileging teamwork and placing technical knowledge and market analysis at the forefront as building blocks for value creation.

We are an innovative, quality-oriented company, with a dedicated and customized service approach, committed to finding solutions as your world-class commercial partner.

Business sector
Chemical intermediates, Specialty chemicals

Last update 17/07/2015
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1 product proposed by this supplier
  • Elevance Clean™ 1200

    Elevance Clean™1200 is a new cleaning ingredient that boosts the cleaning performance of your formulations and rapidly penetrates your most challenging soils. It is also bio-based, safe-to-use, VOC-exempt and highly compatible across a range of aqueous to semi-aqueous products while being used at neutral pH.

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