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Procotex Corporation SA

Rue Theodor Kluber 8
7711 Dottignies

Description :
Procotex is specialised in processing natural fibers like flax, kennaf, coconut, sisal, jute....
We can open these fibers and cut them to very short length.

Furthermore we are also developing unidirectional flax based prepreg material to be used in the composite world

Business sector
Natural fibers / Natural composites

Oeko Tex, ISO 9001

Last update 07/05/2014
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4 products proposed by this supplier
  • Hackled, Combed, Cottonized Flax

    Hackling sliver: for finer spinning numbers (from 32 nm to 100 nm).
    Carded and combed tops: for spinning, composite, insulation, paper industry
    Cottonized flax: for spinning, insulation, paper

  • Natural cut fibers

    We are specialised in processing natural fibers. The fibers we can offer are flax, kennaf, coconut, sisal, jute,...
    All these fibers can be cut up to very short lengths which makes it useable for the plastic industry.

  • Recycled Fibre

    Natural fibers for insulation and non-woven industry

  • Unidirectional flax prepreg

    Procotex has used its great knowledge of hackling flax to develop a natural prepreg aimed at the composite industry.
    Products consist of unidirectional flax impregnated with a thermoplastic resin which fit thermoplastic as thermoset industries specifications.

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