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ZAET 221 rue Paul Langevin

Description :
A family-run company and manufacturer of industrial lubricants since 1958, MOLYDAL is the brand name production, health, safety and environment and industrial maintenance managers turn to.

Thanks to our Research & Development laboratory, MOLYDAL makes innovative lubrication products in all activity sectors: deformation of metals, plastic injection, food processing industries, iron & steel, sugar plants and glass works.

Business sector
Automotive, Nuclear, Metalworking, Mechanical, Steel, Plastic Injection, Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Textile Industry

Le système de management Qualité Sécurité Santé Environnement de MOLYDAL est certifié ISO 9001 et MASE, gage du respect des règles de santé, de sécurité et d’environnement sur notre site et lors d’interventions chez nos clients.

Last update 03/03/2021
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7 products proposed by this supplier
  • H VG

    Vegetable oil for direct contact

  • KL BIO

    Cleaning and degreasing fluid, tar remover.

  • LUBA 21

    Extreme pressure biolubricant for cutting and stamping of metals

  • SOLESTER 530

    Renewable lubricant soluble in water for metal working

  • V7 BIO

    V7 BIO is a biodegradable penetrating - lubricant with a very low surface tension.
    His constituents can make a quick release of seized parts by oxidation.

  • VEGA 908

    Ecofriendly lubricant for chains and cables

  • VG CUT 77

    Aqueous forming fluid

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