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50 rue de Dijon
21121 Daix

Description :
Novolyze is a company specializing in solutions for the control of microbiological hazards. We have developed dry, ready-to-use surrogate microorganisms to perform in-plant preventive control validation studies. Our surrogates have been validated to have greater thermal resistance than Salmonella, Cronobacter sakazakii, and other pathogens in a wide variety of low-water activity foods. Since they are not pathogenic, they can be safely used in-plant to validate the efficacy of a process, a cornerstone requirement of FSMA.

Business sector
Food biotechnology

ISO 9001:2008

Last update 03/05/2017
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  • SurroNov™

    SurroNov™ products are non-pathogenic bacteria that mimics the resistance of a foodborne pathogen such as Salmonella, C. sakazakii, E. coli, etc. under different kinds of stress (heat, etc.). As they are not pathogenic, surrogate microorganisms can be safely used in-plant to validate the efficacy of a preventive control.

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