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In December 2012 Reverdia began operations for Biosuccinium™ in Cassano Spinola, Italy, with a capacity of about 10,000 tonnes/yr; the world’s first dedicated large-scale plant for the production of succinic acid from renewable resources. With this facility up and running, Reverdia is preparing for a next phase with further expansion of its production and business opportunities towards a truly global leadership position in succinic acid.

Biosuccinium™ sustainable succinic acid is produced from renewable, plant-based resources which are converted via a unique low pH yeast process, a biotechnology process. This novel process was developed by Reverdia, a joint venture between DSM and Roquette. Biosuccinium™ offers an alternative to chemicals such as fossil-based succinic acid and adipic acid. It allows customers to choose a bio-based alternative with an improved
environmental footprint for a broad range of applications, from packaging to footwear.
Succinic acid today is produced from fossil resources. It is used in a variety of industry applications, such as solvents, pigments, food
flavors and the emerging market for biodegradable polybutylene succinate (PBS). The availability of bio-based succinic acid will also open new applications like (non-phthalate) plasticizers, resins and polyester polyols for polyurethanes.
Biosuccinium™ is not only renewable but also provides a more favorable environmental footprint compared to alternative
succinic acid and adipic acid products to help limit the impact on climate change and dependence from the world’s limited
fossil resources. This feature is becoming increasingly important to downstream customers to enable their products to become more environmentally friendly to meet new, more stringent environment regulations and increasing consumer demand for more sustainable products.

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  • Biosuccinium™

    Biosuccinium™ is a sustainable succinic acid, produced via fermentation of renewable resources.
    The development of Biosuccinium™ succinic acid will drive a portfolio of more renewable, bio-based sustainable products.

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