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Laboratoires LABEMA

Rue Denis Papin

Description :
Created by a Doctor of Pharmacy, Laboratories LABEMA have decided to engage in production sustainable.

Since their inception, LABEMA Laboratories have developed a sound management of the environment.
- Water consumption reduced
- Low energy consumption
- No discharges of contaminated water
- Development of alternative products removing discards
- Selective sorting and so on.

Besides the additives from traditional chemistry, we propose, with controlled costs, a sustainable alternative with additives made from bases derived from plants.

Vegerust range offers additives that ensure:
- protection against corrosion inside metal containers containing water-borne paint or water-borne varnish
- protection against flash rust of metal substrates coated with water-borne coatings.

Business sector
Corrosion inhibitor

ISO 9001

Last update 22/08/2013
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    The corrosion inhibitor VEGERUST®LR-v is an aqueous solution based on fatty acids salts, obtained from a vegetal oil.

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