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Groupe DEPESTELE / Teillage Vandecandelaère

5 rue de l'Eglise
14540 Bourguebus

Description :
Europe’s leading private flax producer, the Depestele Group operates approximately 8000 ha of plains in Normandy and values the entire straw by obtaining various products: long fiber, short fiber, shives and seeds.

Its expertise in the preparation of flax fibres allowed the Depestele Group to develop a technical fiber specially adapted to the manufacture of flax fibre reinforcements dedicated to the composite industry. A newly integrated processing unit allows it to produce rovings and woven reinforcements using “engineering technical fibres” grown following a dedicated culture.

Business sector
Composites, Equestrian sector

Last update 07/05/2014
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4 products proposed by this supplier

    LINCORE® CF is a technical flax fabric made of untwisted comingled rovings, composed of long flax fibers comingled with thermoplastic filaments (PLA, PP, PA…) . Forming is realized by hot calendering, stamping, thermoforming, pultrusion…


    LINCORE® FF is a 100% flax fabric made of untwisted rovings. The moulding is realized by infusion, resin transfer molding, lay up, pultrusion…


    LINCORE® ML is a flexible multilayer structure that consists in a stack of flax technical fabrics arranged on one side or both sides of a core, being a nonwoven material containing natural fibres.


    LINCORE® R is an untwisted roving composed of long technical flax fibers, that can be comingled or pre-impregnated with a thermoplastic matrix such as PLA, PP, PA or PVC… It can be formed using pultrusion, filament winding, fiber placement, weaving, braiding…

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