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21190 Meursault

Description :
Since 2013, Vitis Valorem is the pioneer company in vine shoots recycling.

Our idea : stop burning vine shoots, we recycle them as a micronized flour : Sarmine® = the new biosourced, eco-responsible, renewable and local raw material.

As an example of using, Vitis Valorem launches a green circular business by producing materials for vine growing : "from the vineyard to the vineyard"
1. Staples with Sarmine® + PLA (100% biodegradables and compostable - En standard 13432 - 2000);
2. Posts and stakes with Sarmine® + PP and Sarmine® + PE

Its new biosourced raw material is unique and already available for many applications : plastics & composites, building trade, packaging, agronomic research, cosmetics, public and private furnitures,...

Discover it and try it for your new project !

Business sector
Plastics / Composites / Agriculture / Vine growing / Buildings / Furnitures / Packaging / Tile & brick / Cars / Beauty

Last update 15/06/2018
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  • Sarmine®

    Sarmine® is the micronized flour from vine shoots.
    It is a new bio-based raw material: eco-responsible, renewable and local.
    It is a new bio-based filler for plastics, composites, building industry.

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