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Description :
The Union Nationale des Groupements de Distillateurs d'Alcool (National Union of Alcohol-Distillers Groups) was created on July 10, 1946, by the professional producers of agricultural alcohol by distillation.
Today UNGDA represents all the French producers of alcohol derived from sugar-beet, cereals, vine products, and also from sugar-cane for the French overseas territories.
UNGDA, as the technical centre for the profession, is involved in R &D programs which are strategic for the sector, under the control of a Scientific Committee and a Steering Committee.
A strategic quality-control activity of products coming from the distilleries or containing ethanol is also carried out by the laboratory.
Finally, specific service missions (studies, advice, training, Kamoran®, etc.) are carried out within the profession, and also with clients across the globe.

UNGDA is also the interface for the profession with the French and European administrations for all ethanol-linked technical issues concerning safety, legislation, or standardisation.

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    The VITITAN finds applications as complete structuring adhesive for chipboard, for fibers for insulation, at the intermediate level of plywood, in addition to synthetic adhesive (20%), as antioxidant in materials.

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