Consumers goods

Plastics, fibers and composite materials for the production of objects and accessories
(eg razor, glasses frame, sports equipment)

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    Kaneka Belgium NV

    AONILEX is a 100% bio-based polymer produced by microbial fermentation from plant oils. The products are biodegradable to carbon dioxide and water under aerobic, anaerobic and marine conditions. AONILEX can improve biodegradability of other bio-polymers such as PLA, PBAT, PBS through blending.
    Last update 28/05/2014
  • Kairlin®

    Kaïros Environnement

    Kairlin® is an innovative and elegant 100% biobased panel made from flax fibres. Printable, machinable, thermoformable, recyclable and industrially compostable, its objective is to reduce the environmental impact of the printing, POS display, signage, furniture and design market. It is available in different colors and thicknesses.
    Last update 23/08/2023
  • Bi-axial 45°x45° flax fibers reinforcement

    TDL Technique / Terre de Lin

    Bi-axial 45°x45° flax fibers reinforcement, made with parallelized hackled flax sliver. 100 % flax;
    Weight: 300,400,500,600,750g/m². Specific weight on request.
    Packaging: rolls of 60 m², width of 2530 mm
    Last update 14/11/2016
  • Weeding vinegar


    Vinegar is recognized as a grassy basic substance by localized application, in direct spray on weeds at 6% acidity, on borders, alleys, sidewalks ...
    Last update 14/03/2023


    With the OBIOBAG ultra concentrated 3L you can get 20L of concentrated product.
    - Optimized rinsing and drying
    - Leaves your dishes sparkling without limescale
    Last update 03/05/2023