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ecovio® F 2341, ecovio® F 23B1


Description :
Partly biobased and biodegradable PLA-compound for thin flexible film applications like T-Shirt bags or Organic waste bags (OWB)

ecovio® is a high-quality and versatile biopolymer of BASF. The primary advantage is the certified compostability and the bio-based composition. ecovio® consists of compostable BASF polymer ecoflex® and polylactic acid (PLA). ecovio® is a finished product, that can be used by customers as a drop-in solution on standard plastic production machinery. ecovio® products are just as high-performing and strong in use as conventional plastics. The product properties were designed to fully biodegrade in compost after use.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Resins, Polymers

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
10-40%, Calculated by weight percentage

Environmental gain
- Composting as the preferred end of life option, no toxic impact acc. to DIN EN13432.
- ecovio® bags support citizens in separate organic waste collection. Recycling of organic waste is more resource efficient than having it landfilled or incinerated.
- High content of renewable raw materials of ecovio® bags offers a reduced material carbon footprint, which allows savings of greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change
- Read the Life Cycle Analysis report to learn about additional environmental benefits of compostable bags at:

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Last update 07/12/2018
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