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NATHERM, plant fractions, thermal insulation

Fibres Recherche Développement - FRD

Description :
NATHERM-F is a line of fiber, flax or hemp, for the sound and heat insulation materials.
They must be implemented in the form of textile preforms for these applications. They can be mixed with other types of fibers.

NATHERM-G is a range of aggregates made ​​of flax, hemp, wood and miscanthus, formulated for spray processing techniques. With a broad size distribution, it can achieve low-density concrete, ideal for insulating exterior walls.

Product family :
Application products > Insulation products

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Flax, hemp, wood, miscanthus, etc.

Environmental gain
Reduction of fossil-fuel consumption (weight reduction) and greenhouse gases emission

Geographical target markets, Manufacturing place, Place of supply in plant biomass, Implementation
Last update 06/02/2018
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