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Description :
Rilsan® PA11 has been a trusted source of performance in highly demanding applications for nearly 60 years. It affords an unrivalled balance of technical and economic benefits that are valuable to our customers.
While other polymers may excel in one particular physical property, Rilsan® PA11 stands alone in delivering superior performance in several key physical areas.
Produced from castor oil, Rilsan® PA11 is a polymer of 100% renewable origin. This bio-based feature is another major asset for Rilsan®.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Resins, Polymers

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Castor oil
Up to 100%

Environmental gain
Rilsan® PA11 contributes to sustainable development in that:
• It is a bio-based, high performance bioplastic – all carbons in polyamide 11 are organic and renewable (ASTM 6866).
• Its production from primary energy sources and primary raw materials requires less fossil energy than most performance polymers.
• Its production also generates much less CO2 and other greenhouse gases emissions than other performance polymers.

Rilsan® has many positive features in terms of environmental protection following Arkema’s global initiative on sustainable development since Rilsan® and its by-products are made from castor oil. Through its ongoing purchases of castor oil in the world market, Arkema contributes to the development of several regions (South America, India, South-East Asia, China).

The cultivation itself of castor oil plant is also sustainable:
• Non edible crops
- Several harvest in a year
- No competition with food, no deforestation
• Non GMO
• Use very few pesticide
- Indigenous to tropical regions
- Drought tolerant
- Naturally resistant to pests and disease
• Grown on poor soil in semi arid areas
- As compared to corn, soy
- Use a very few water
• Increasing demand but less sensitive to speculation
- Specialty oil
- Not as competitive as corn for bio-fuels

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Last update 14/02/2014
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