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Description :
Biosuccinium™ is a sustainable succinic acid, produced via fermentation of renewable resources.

The development of Biosuccinium™ succinic acid will drive a portfolio of more renewable, bio-based sustainable products.
While current markets for succinic acid include pharmaceuticals, food, coatings and pigments, we contend that the production of a high quality, bio-based succinic acid, such as Biosuccinium™, will cause new applications to emerge. Among these markets include the production of bio-based polyurethanes, thermoplastic polyurethanes, polybutylene succinate, biopolymer modifiers, coatings and resins, and greener solvents for many applications, like footwear, coatings, coffee cups/lids, packaging, elastic fibers, engineerings plastics, deicing products, metal plating, paints and resins.

Today DSM and Roquette are using currently available agricultural feedstocks (starch from corn used solely for industrial products) to produce Biosuccinium™ with plans to implement technologies using lignocellulosic feedstocks, once commercially available.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Chemical intermediates

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content

Environmental gain
Biosuccinium™ has a more favorable LCA and carbon footprint compared to alternative succinic acid products:
- The new production route delivers a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, as it sequesters carbon dioxide (CO2).
- The proprietary low pH process does not produce salts as waste.

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Last update 19/02/2014
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